EuroVegas, A Possibility? Backstory

by Tiffany Hopkins

At La Vangaurdia Newspaper

I came across the idea for a story about EuroVegas abruptly, when listening to speakers from the La Vanguardia Newspaper. It sounded like it would be an very interesting piece, so Natalie and I decided to tackle it! As I learned more about the EuroVegas project, the story came pretty easy. I grabbed quotes from just listening to our speakers at the newspaper, because they had many of their own opinions about it. The hardest part for me was finding pictures, because I didn’t have any pictures of EuroVegas at all. In the end, it all came together, and I think that Natalie and I did a good job expressing the different opinions about EuroVegas in Spain.

Cronkite Euro 12 listening to speakers from La Vanguardia


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