FC Barcelona scores a goal with social media Backstory

At times, I found the city very overwhelming

by Max Bennett

After arriving in Spain via a 10 hour train ride, I realized I was completely out of my comfort zone. Barcelona was the one city I had not visited prior to the trip and Spanish was the one language I didn’t know. Part of me was scared, another part of me was excited.

Being a huge sports fan, I was excited for our first full day in Barcelona. I stayed up until 6 A.M. to watch the NBA Finals in its entirety so I could witness LeBron James and the Miami Heat win the championship. Hours later, we would tour the Olympic grounds in Barcelona. The theme of my story would follow suit and be focused on sports- or more specifically futbol squad FC Barcelona.

I can’t say I am the biggest fan of Lionel Messi and CO. but I won’t deny my respect for the team and how talented they are. It was really cool seeing how the team reached out with social media to make an already big audience even bigger. Soccer isn’t the most popular sports back in the States, but it is the biggest in the world. This didn’t completely hit me until I started working on this story! It’s also scary to think that the next place we will be visiting is home.

Sizing up to Michael Jordan outside of the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona


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